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Workshop on Effective Negotiation Skills

Develop the skills required to negotiate, persuade and influence.To reach an agreement that's acceptable to both parties you'll need to negotiate effectively and have a number of key strategies and tactics at your disposal.

This is a practical course. It's packed with exercises and practice to help you to build the necessary skills you'll need to be able to enter real-life negotiations with confidence and understanding.You will learn and practice a systematic approach to apply to any negotiation, and use new skills in negotiations with different partners in a wide variety of situations.

You will also learn how to identify your own and your partnerís negotiation styles to forge better deaThe course will focus on: Giving you a good understanding of the negotiation process. Building your skills to enable you to negotiate from a position of strength.

Workshop contents What negotiation is and why it is important Styles of Negotiation Non Verbal negotiating skills Planning the negotiation Preparation checklist Case study How to structure negotiations Personal power and how to increase it Conflict analysis How to deal with Conflict Conflict Mode Analysis Negotiating tactics Negotiating with a customer which you canít afford to lose Dealing with price The closing stages and common mistakes Role plays Personal action plan

Who should attend: Executives who negotiate regularly without having had any formal training, new to, or moving into a role that will involve negotiating internally or externally.Executives who conduct negotiations both inside and outside the firm will benefit from this course. Because the focus is on identifying your own negotiating strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, executives with any level of negotiating experience are encouraged to attend.

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