- HRD Trainers and Consultants offers full-day and multi-day workshops. All of our workshops are interactive, full of adventure and emphasize business applications. We make your event fun, memorable and - most importantly - results oriented. .

The workshops are intended to be provided in an interactive format. A variety of practical examples and case studies are used which are current and relevant to the workshop and the audience.

The participants are encouraged to play an active role in the workshops. Participants will also be encouraged to take part in a variety of exercises, as well as discuss various elements of the workshop and related issues.

Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes relating to the workshop, as well as tip sheets, checklists and other supporting information, to take away for future reference.


Step 1. Identification of training needs.

Step 2.Customizing the course content

Step 3.Selection of the most appropriate technique

Step 4.Defining the Learning Environment

Step 5. Effective Delivery using presentation tools(audio/video/ppt)

Step 6.Feedback

Step 7.Follow up

Training Methodology